Crystal Meanings

In summary

Agate – For Strength and Courage

Agate, blue lace – Inspires inner attunement

Agate, Fire – Deep calming energy, grounding

Agate, moss – Balances emotions & bitterness

Alantisite – Success & spiritual development

Amber – Promotes healing

Amethyst – Peace, Calm, Protection

Ametrine – Clears stress, tension and toxins

Amazonite – Strength, vision and creativity

Angelite – Peace and calmness

Apaches Tear – Insight and acceptance

Apatite – Stimulates ideas and communication

Apophylite – Truth, imbalance &release

Astrophylite – Expands consciousness to higher realms

Aventurine – Settles nausea & negative thoughts & emotions

Aquamarine/Beryl – Stimulates healing and confidence

Aqua aura – Activates the energy centres

Azurite – Stimulates memory & potential

Black Star – Helps one to move forward

Bloodstone – Circulation & increase life energy

Calcite, Blue – Psychic ability and astral travel

Calcite, Clear – Healing and cleansing

Calcite, Green – Stress relief & emotional balancer

Calcite, Mangano – Love and good health

Calcite, Orange – Removes fear & overcome blockages

Calcite, Red – Works on your base chakra & increases energy

Carnelian – Optimism and motivation

Citrine – Self-esteem and abundance

Cinnabar – Encourages clarity & relaxation

Charoite – Opens & balances crown chakra

Chrysanthemum – To help teach your true purpose

Chrysocolla – Encourages clarity & relaxation

Chrysophase – Insight, creativity & heals inner child

Chert – Aids in receiving messages from your guides

Clusters – Radiate positive energy

Copper Stone – Conductor of energy

Coral – Eases emotional distress, Courage and intuition

Dessert Rose – Rose-like formations of crystal clusters

Double terminated – Absorbs & transmutes negative energy

Dumortierite – Overcoming tough situations

Emerald – Reasoning and insight

Flint – Aids in attention & grounding

Fluorite – Focus and comprehension

Garnet – Compassion, devotion, imagination

Gold Stone – Helps with dreams

Hanging crystal – Moves stuck energy

Hematite – Balance and protection

Howlite – Memory and sleep

Iolite – Strengthens and aligns

Jade – Transmutes anger & known for luck

Jasper, Brecciated – Guards against nightmare

Jasper, Mookaite – Increases flexibility & problem solving

Jasper, Ocean – Relaxation and focus

Jasper, Picture – Stimulates the immune system

Jasper, Polychrome – Grounding and balance emotions

Jasper, Red – Helps balance your energy

Jet – Past issue solving

NOTE: These meanings are a guide only. If you are concerned about your health, please seek advice from your health professional. Crystals may help enhance your quality of life.

They have been known to bring enjoyment.

And may also help brighten your day

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Kyanite – Aligns chakras, great for meditation

Kunzite – For tolerance, acceptance & self esteem

Labradorite – For clarity, enthusiasm and stimulation

Lemurian Seed – Open access to ancient wisdom

Lapis Lazuli – Intuition & communication

Lepidolite – Stress release & change

Magnetite – Aligns chakras & stabilizers emotions

Malachite – Courage and determination

Moonstone – Balance, calm & flexibility

Moss Agate – Help clear patterns that manifest disease

Moldavite – Great for channelling & vibrational level

Mookaite – works on lower chakras. Stabilizer.

Nephrite/Greenstone – Protection, harmony, balance

Obsidian, Black – Dissolves, clears emotional blockages

Obsidian, Snowflake – Releases imbalances in the body

Onyx, Black – Helps with grief and emotions

Onyx, White – Aids in balancing your chakras

Opal, boulder – For emotional and mental balance

Opalite – Stabilizers mood swings, purifies blood & kidneys

Paua – Harmony & balance

Pearl – Love, purity, innocence & joy

Peacock Ore – For energy blockages and clearing the crown chakra

Peitersite – Stone of vision, stimulates the third eye, recognizes truths

Peridot – Self-esteem & eases stress

Petrified Wood – Past life regressions. Emotions & protection

Phantoms – Stimulate and activate healing abilities within

Prehnite – Increases energy eases worries, dream stone

Pyrite – Memory and concentration

Quartz, Clear – Harmonizes the chakras and stimulates the immune system

Quartz, Green – Creativity and stabilizers the heart chakra

Quartz, Included – Calming and balancing

Quartz, Milky/Cloudy – strengthens & clears the mind

Quartz, Rose – Harmony and self- love

Quartz, Rutilated – Aids in lifting depression

Quartz, Smokey – Centres, grounds & balances

Quartz, Spirit – Helps bring physical body in balance

Quartz, Tangerine – Helaing past issues

Quartz, Tourmalinated – Transmutes negative energy

Rhodonite – Self-confidence, discernment and protection

Rhodocrosite – Balances emotions & heals

Rhyolite – For deep meditation, strength, past life healing and acceptance

Ruby – Circulation, energizing and balancing. Protects against nightmares

Ruby in Zoisite – Amplifies the bio magnetic field around the body

Sapphire – Relaxes and improves the mind

Selenite – Concentration, clarity, meditation and money

Serpentine – Earthing stone for meditation and spirituality

Seraphinite – For healing one’s self

Shiva Lingam – Charges the entire chakra

Sodalite – Alleviates fear & clears the mind

Spheres – Emit energy in all directions equally

Stromatolite – For persistence, stability and versatility

Sugilite – Pain relief and positive thoughts

Sunstone – Harmonizers the organs and encourages optimism & enthusiasm

Tektite – For astral travelling, strengthens energy field & works on past lives

Tigers Eye – For balance, protection and good luck

Tigers Eye, Blue – Soothing, calming, easing anxiety

Tigers Iron – For courage and strength

Topaz – Soothing, creativity, self-expression

Tourmaline – Self-confidence & inspiration. Also great for clearing blockages

Turquoise – Strengthens the anatomy & guards against disease

Unakite – Self-love, self-esteem and confidence

Zebra stone – Connects us to mother earth. Protects ones aura & stimulates energy

Zincite – Removes blockages and settles your energy