Be Water Bottle Love Glow GI11

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Drinking Bottle (with removable inner core).  Height Approx:  24cm  Diameter Approx:  6.5cm  Inner Core:  Love Glow.  Green Aventurine, (Green), Amethyst (purple) and Rose Quartz (Pink).  This mixture of three powerful stones packs a punch!  Rose Quartz embodies love, Amethyst inner peace and Aventurine peace and rest.  The wellbeing properties of these three gemstones include heart health, skin health, relief from stress and the promotion of restful sleep.  It's the perfect combination to being a little peace to your life and to create a little shine.  NB:  Crystals may help improve your health, you should always seek the advice of a medical practioner, and this description should not be considered as full medical advice.