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Chart Colour Therapy


Learn how to use colour to attain good health the easy way with the Colour Therapy Mini Chart. Colour Therapy is also called Chromotherapy and is an alternative medicine that uses colour to influence mind, mood, cognitive function and health. This handy Mini Chart introduces the magic of colour and its therapeutic potential on mind, body and Spirit.This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 9 Essential areas:1. Examines the suitability and healing properties of the 8 major colours and their effects on mind, mood, cognitive function and health. 2. Explains the characteristics of the 8 major colours concerning Chakras, attributes, physical effects, distribution, light, best use, poor use, special effect and percentage use 3. Identifies the various issues, ailments and conditions that are affected by the 8 colours to provide therapeutic relief 4. Details the Aura or Energy Body and how colour is associated with it 5. Features how colour is used within nature 6. Gives Visualisation and Meditation tips 7. Provides a colour wheel to assist in identifying your personality type based on the 8 major colours 8. Shows a colour wheel which sets out the colour schemes for the 4 Seasons and includes 4 colour themes within the 4 Seasons for easy identification of the most beneficial colour to use throughout the year. 9. And more . . .A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Colour Therapy.Printed and protection coated on both sides. Size: 16cm x 23.5cm