Chi Shell Key Ring

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Chi Shell Keyring. This great looking protective device can be used as a key ring - giving you protection where ever you roam. Clip it on a school bag to give the kids the protection they need in the classroom.

Wow this is the most gorgeous, versatile and powerful Electromagnetic radiation protection you will ever find. And we are very proud that it was designed by life Energy Designs Ltd and is hand made here in New Zealand with care and integrity.

Moulded from a real clam shell, the Chi-Shell has the same technology as the ki-bal and p.e.bal which gives it a massive protective field 14 meters (about 15 yards) in radius which will take care of you at home, work, in public places, out and about, in the car and is perfect protection for kids in schools.

The addition of scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies give your health a boost too.

Carry the Chi-Shell in your pocket or bag and you will have powerful EMF protection wherever you are. Hang it on the baby's cot or pram and your precious little one has complete EMF protection. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere unseen and invasive, compromising our health and well-being.


Disclosure- If you're worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with this product, but it may enhance your life.