Citronella and Citrine Natural Candle

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Citronella & Citrine crystal Soy and Coconut Vegan Candle in tin 7cm by 4.5cm

Keep the bugs away this summer with a natural citronella candle.  Locally made with love.

Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt & Soy Candles


Appearance: Transparent crystals. Colour: yellow to brown.

Properties: Prosperity, attracts wealth, success. Brings happiness, joy, generosity. Energises, invigorates, increases motivation, activates creativity. Dissipates negativity, promotes inner calm. Alleviates depression, fears. Balances yin/yang. Clears aura. Treats digestive problems, thyroid imbalance. Beneficial for CFS, menopausal problems. Alleviates hot flushes, fatigue.

Position: Fingers, throat, navel

Photo is a sample.


Disclosure-If you’re worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.