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Claire Moller Spiritual Artist


4 reviews

Claire Moller Spiritual Artist.  At any given moment, we have the ability to access our guides/angels/helpers. All we need to do is ask them for help. This was always a concept that, in the beginning of my spiritual journey, I had difficulty grasping. As humans, we have a tendency to want ‘names’ or ‘faces’ and whilst our guides pay no particular attention to this, they understand this to be a small way we grasp the beautiful diversity that is the higher conscious realm.

Working closely with Eshlom, my drawing guide, I become a conduit to channel what your guide may look like to the human eye. In a space of higher vibration, your guide is able to come through the drawings and express their messages to you. We never have just one guide! We have a team of guides/light beings and angelic forces that interact with us daily. These too can change depending on our personal circumstances.

The process of drawing with Eshlom is a process of surrendering and allowing whatever guide, or at times, your very own soul aspect/higher self to come through for what you are needing in that moment. It is a process that is unfolding, enlightening, beautiful and humbling! And as the human… you get to walk away with the image and the message your guide has imparted with love.


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