Clear Quartz Tree Neem Base 30cm

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Clear Quartz Crystal tree with Neem Base  30cm tall

H:30 cm - Clear Quartz 360 chip gem tree with a natural neem base. Made from real gemstones, a wish tree is one-of-a-kind hand crafted piece.

Crystal trees are said to bring peace, prosperity and happiness.  Used in Feng Shui to enhance the space.  They are said to attract poitive energy and protect you from any negativity.  Spiritually, respresents new life, growth and stability.  The branches are for protection, the seeds and flowers respesent new opportunities.


Appearance: Long pointed crystals, transparent, often in clusters.

Properties: Most powerful healer. Energy amplifier; stores, releases, regulates energy. Generates electro-magnetism, dispels static electricity. Cleans, enhances subtle bodies. Deep soul cleaner .Dissolves karmic seeds. Enhances psychic abilities. Stimulates immune system, soothes burns. Connects physical dimension with mind.

Position: Place as appropriate.