EMF D Dr Joseph Mercola

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The hazards of electronic pollution may once have been the stuff of science fiction, but now we know they?re all too real?and with the advent of 5G ultra-wideband technology, the danger to our health is greater than ever. Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the world?s foremost authorities on alternative health, has conducted research that offers a radical new understanding of how electromagnetic fields impact our bodies and minds; in this first-of-its-kind guide, he reveals his findings and shows us what we need to know and do to stay safe and well. ? What EMFs (electromagnetic fields) actually are, where you find them in your daily life, and how they affect you ? The toll that EMFs have been proven to take in conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and neuropsychiatric illnesses ? Why you've been largely kept in the dark about this threat to your health ? How you can actually repair the damage done by EMFs at a cellular level ? Practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs at home, at work, and out in the worldThe coming 5G technology will be pervasive and powerful. It will also be one of the largest public-health experiments in history-with no way of opting out. That's why you need to read this book. Now.