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Eudialyte Multi S/S Pendant


Eudialyte Sterling Silver Pendant, with Ruby and Green Amethyst. Approx size: 4cm by 3.5cm. 


Appearance: Crystalline masses. Colour: Red, pink, brown, blue, yellow, green.

Properties: A stone of the heart that encourages unconditional love. Helps one to recognize and fulfil their hearts desires, and to receive and communicate love. Brings physical and emotional balance. Aids forgiveness, self-love, and helps heal emotions. Brings calmness, creativity, logical thinking. Helps one absorb new information. Aids clairaudience and telepathy.


GREEN AMETHYST - Also known as prasiolite. Acts as a bridge between solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras. Aligning the body, mind, and spirit into an integrated whole. Helps one connect with their higher self, and the earth. Protects against negativity and promotes healing. Helps bring divine love, compassion, self-honour and aids with communication.


Disclosure-If you're worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.

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