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Frosted Rose Quartz Crystal


Frosted Rose Quartz Crystal - Also known as a seer stone.  Seer stones have been used for divination, meditation, and spiritual practices by various cultures and traditions throughout history. They are often considered tools for enhancing intuition, connecting with higher realms, and gaining deeper understanding of oneself and the world. 

They can be used to amplify desires, prayers, and manifestations from the spirit world to the physical world. You can then wear or carry your crystal with you to raise your vibration and increase the manifestations of your desires.


Appearance: Usually translucent, may be transparent. Colour: pink.

Properties: Unconditional love, heals and opens heart, calms, reassures, deep inner healing. Releases unexpressed emotions, soothes internalised pain. If never received love, opens the heart. Aids positive affirmations, self-trust and self-worth. Teaches how to love ones self, encourages (self-)forgiveness and self-acceptance. Aids physical heart and circulatory system. Said to increase fertility. Soothes burns.  

Position: Over heart or by bed.  Approx size:  3cm by 2cm.  Photo and size are a guide.

Disclosure-If youre worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.