Fuchsite and Kyanite Raw

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Appearance: Flecked green with gold sparkles. Muscovite Mica  Colour: green. 

Properties:  Known as the Fairy stone. Fuchsite has strong healing properties.  Very helpful for someone who has gone through alot of trauma or emotional problems.  Helps to regenerate the body  Also said to help manifest happiness, joy, miracles and give a warm and fuzzy feeling from the heart chakra.

Position: Wear as appropriate.


Appearance: Striated, bladed crystal.
Colour: blue-white, black.

Properties: Calming, tranquilising. Excellent for attunement and meditation. Aids self-expression, communication. Connects to guides. Dispels blockages, illusion, anger. Never requires cleaning. Balances yin-yang. Treats muscular disorders, fevers, urogenital system, thyroid.
Blue: strengthens voice.
Black: grounds body when aligning chakras during/after meditation.

Position: As appropriate, particularly between navel and heart. Wear as pendant.

Approx size: 14cm by 8cm by 2cm.  Photo is a sample.

Disclosure-If youre worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.