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Clear Quartz Geometric Set


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Geometric symbols are visual instruments that can help bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature.  The same refined, regenerative technology that nature has evolved can be used in ways to help organize our own thought patterns.  This set are made from clear quartz crystal.  Fire - Tetrahedron.  Earth - Hexahedron. Air - Octahedron. Water - Icosahedron.  Universe - Dodecahedron. 

The Cube is earth and root - it grounds you and balances you so you can feel connected to earth and nature. The Tetrahedron is fire and solar plexus - it helps to connect the physical and the spiritual and supports personal power.  The Octahedron is air and is connected to the heart - it helps us connect us to the deeper heart essence and helps us cultivate forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others.  The Dodecahedron is ether and is connected to the third eye, crown and the chakras above the crown. This helps us connect to the higher self and helps us cultivate a higher vibration, especially in meditation.  The icosahedron is connected to water and the sacral chakra.  This energy helps us go with the flow of life with ease and unblocks and removes stressors that keep us "stuck".