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Welcome. We are a family run business. Our Crystals are from reputable suppliers.


Goddess Chakra Energy Balance


Goddess Chakra & Energy Balance - Balancing and attracting: Love, joy, brightness, uplifting, confidence, connection, chakra balance. Colours - purple, green + blue Roll into palm 3 times, rub the inner palms together in a  circular motion.  Lift the hands together in a prayer position, open the inner palms and take a deep inhale.  Lift hands up to the 3rd eye and extend out and around your energy field.  Repeat 3 times.  Apply to wrists and behind earlobes, gently pull down on earlobes.

Ingredients:  Essential oils of Jasmine +Vetiver blended insweet almond and evening primrose oil.

This roll on scent shifts your energy VIBRATION and rebalances your immune system.  Keep it with you to quickly boost your ENERGY.  Roll on, use the healing affirmation and inhale.  Comes in 5 unique blends - Intention, Joy, Blue Calm, Patience & Clarity.  Made with Essential oils and blended in sweet almond oil & avocado oil.  Handmade with healing energy & love.

Made by Dorinda Rose Berry from 'My Heart Intention'