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Goddesses Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards


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A beautiful, diverse card deck, designed to help users access divine messages from a range of gods, goddesses, and guardians. Connect with the divine feminine and masculine in this magical oracle and receive healing, guidance, and spiritual growth. Sophie Bashford and illustrator Hillary Wilson have created a vibrant, diverse range of cards depicting the Goddesses, Gods, and Guardians. Each powerful archetype holds unique wisdom, abilities, and energy, and will support and empower you on your path to inner healing, personal growth, and spiritual revolution. The divine feminine and masculine are brought to life through each card and, as you connect with the beautiful artwork and meaning, you'll feel the energetic frequency of the sacred protectors guiding and touching your heart. You'll receive divine messages from each Goddess, God, and Guardian, and learn about their origins, as well as the area of consciousness that they preside over. For example, Kali-inner transformation; Kuan Yin-kindness and compassion; Oshun-prosperity; Merlin-your inner magician; Imhotep-medicine man/divine pharmacy; and King Neptune-emotional sensitivity. You'll discover- How to develop a powerful and loving connection with the Goddesses, Gods and Guardians. Fresh perspectives on the divine feminine and masculine elements in your life. Guidance on how to work actively with each archetype's energy. Clear and accurate definitions and explanations of the symbols, terminology, and divine figures. Which Goddess, God or Guardian can help you with a specific issue in your life. Whether you're just beginning to discover the potential of working with spirit guides, or looking for fresh, more diverse possibilities, Goddesses, Gods, and Guardians Oracle Cards is the perfect deck for your path of self-development and spiritual growth.

Author - Bashford, Sophie (Auth) & Wilson, Hilary (Art)