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Himalayan Salt Lamp 45-50kg


Himalayan Salt Lamp 45-50kg  PICKUP, INSTORE ONLY  

45-50kg Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - comes with a switch lead & 1 x 25 watt bulb. Packaged in a brown box with colour label.

Himalayan salt lamps improve the quality of the air you breathe. They are a natural dehumidifier. They can also help with dust and airborne bacteria, pet smells, pollen, and other chemical or smoking smells. Great also as a night light.  (Photo is a sample only.)

Safety notice - This lamp comes with a bulb and lead. Treat with care.  We recommend leaving your lamp on 24/7 as it is salt and will drip if there is moisture in the air.  Salt assorbs dampness.  This is one of the beneifits of having a salt lamp in your home or office.  To avoid any moisture buildup in the socket of the cord, please remove if you wish to turn off for some time, as the salt may cause a shorting of power or the bulb to blow.

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