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Irene Psychic Medium


13 reviews

Irene - Angel Whispers Psychic Medium


1 Hour sessions - Full reading or healing

30 minute sessions - 2-3 questions

"I have heard, seen and smelt spirit all my life.  I thought this was normal, that everyone was like me, but clearly, this was not the case. I used to read for family and friends then it started being friends of friends of friends of friends of friends, people just coming out of the woodwork, as I never charged.

I started getting tired of all the voices, people pushing and shoving wanting me to give someone a message in the Supermarket. I just could not get away from it, so I never got any peace. Then one day an old lady came through telling me to call her Nana.  She told me she really was a grandmother of my friend Karla, so she would take over giving my life some order. She would be the gatekeeper letting who was meant to come through in or she would talk to them, and then convey the message to me.  Wow, she is amazing and has never let me down in the thousands of readings I have done internationally and nationally. I have always had positive reviews, ask if you would like to see them.

One morning at 4 am she woke me up and told me that i was going to a Kelvin Cruickshank Retreat.  I laughed and told her to get a grip, but as she went on and on I realised that I was not going to get any sleep so may as well do as I was told.  So I checked the website. I laughed and told her I couldn't afford that. She said that someone who I had read for would pay for it at the eleventh hour and that is exactly what happened. I felt the freedom and happiness of this amazing retreat, then Kelvin asked me to write in his book Taking the Journey, on page 125.  I Don’t believe I live a charmed life, as I certainly do not.  I have worn the shoes of many for many miles but that is so I can understand people and help them heal through the Reiki Healing that i also do.

Yes, I don't always listen to Nana in my private life, but there will be consequences.  As usually it is a warning or something that is going to happened to me and no she doesn't give out the lotto numbers."


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13 Reviews

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