Karma Cairns Intuitive Readings

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This service can be booked instore only, please call 07 974 0438


Hello, my name is Karma Cairns. I do intuitive Readings and Tarot Card Readings using Archangel Power Tarot Cards, I work with the Angels and connect with your Spirit Guides to bring through messages/guidance of understanding, truth and love. By helping you to understand your own psychic and healing abilities, you will learn to connect with God and the Angels on a higher level to bring more light into your life.

“Karma has a down to earth, relaxed, calming nature; gives off a good vibe and helps you to understand and interpret the messages each card is delivering. This helped me put things into perspective and gave me clarity about what lies ahead. The card reading reassured me and made me feel confident I was on the right path. I highly recommend Karma to whomever needs an honest, non-judgmental reading with someone who listens and gives good feedback on the meanings associated to the cards that pop up.” Yours sincerely Seaton