Kaye Bishop - Napuka Tapatahi

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This service can be booked instore only, please call 07 974 0438

As a regular stall holder at Holistic Wellbeing Fairs in Hamilton and Te Awamutu, I enjoy meeting and

sharing the energy and joy of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ®

I am so grateful for the space created by The Crystal Point, and I would love to invite you to take time

out of your busy life and have a consultation with me. As busy people, self- care is important and

emotional wellbeing is vital when dealing with day to day life.

Often at fairs there is the distraction of what is happening all around. Being here at The Crystal Point is

a great opportunity to have a one on one consultation to explain fully how these essences are created.

I will talk about your Constitution (based on the day that you were born). This will explain a lot about

your personality, with perhaps a few aha moments thrown in.

Soul journeys are interesting to note and helpful for you to understand what your birthday years hold

in store. With that, I will do a card spread and create a blend for you for the present moment. It is

amazing what comes up, and often what is happening at the time of choosing these cards . Often it is

like layers that we have peeled off.

These essences will energetically shift, clear and support in your journey.

So if you have moments of

• Feeling overwhelmed,

• Have you ever had a year of letting go?

• Wonderering why patterns keep repeating

• My so -called Polly Anna days (trying to play

the glad game, even though the grumpy

undies are on)

• Wanting clarity in your life

Pop in and see me for a consultation