Laserwand Quartz Cluster Assorted

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Laser Wand QUARTZ

Appearance: Quartz that’s wider at the base and tapering to the point.

Properties: A high-vibration quartz crystal that condenses and focuses light. Used in healing, especially for relieving pain. Used to bring in high vibrational energy and release low vibrational energy. Helps draw out negativity and pain when the point is faced away from body. Helps bring in positive healing energy when point is faced towards body. Used to help cleanse the aura and chakras. Harmonises the energies of the aura, light body and subtle body.

Position: Place as appropriate.



Appearance: Long pointed crystals, transparent, often in clusters.

Properties: Most powerful healer. Energy amplifier; stores, releases, regulates energy. Generates electro-magnetism, dispels static electricity. Cleans, enhances subtle bodies. Deep soul cleaner .Dissolves karmic seeds. Enhances psychic abilities. Stimulates immune system, soothes burns. Connects physical dimension with mind.

Position: Place as appropriate.


Size and photo are a guide.


Disclosure-If youre worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.