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Welcome. We are a family run business. Our Crystals are from reputable suppliers. Phone/txt 02041925681


Lavender Organic NZ Essential Oil


Lavender Organic Essential Oil NZ Made - 15ml

15mls of lavender oil, organically grown, hand cut and distilled in an traditional copper alembic still. 

What makes our oil different? The rich volcanic soil of Taranaki mixed with our unique weather and all the love and respect each plant receives from us. 

We are a small scale family lavender farm.  We hand weed and cut and process all our lavender ourselves with our three kids. We take our role as a caretaker for the land seriously, and we appreciate every opportunity to connect and give back. 

When you buy oil from us, the fund allow us to keep investing in and protecting our land, not to layers of sale and marketing teams. 

What do you use lavender oil for?

Sleep aid

Anxiety  management 



Muscle relaxant

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