Level 3 Contactless Readings

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During level 2 & 3 we are offering contactless Guidance and Direction through the means of phone/email Readings.  Select pick up in store so that there is no freight charge.  With phone readings, customer to ring the Reader.  

$65 for 30 minutes by arrangement, prebookings essential.  Wait time average 24-48 hours.

If you have questions or need help with direction, or would like to connect with a loved one.  Book a Reading with us.  We have Irene, Janet, Andrea, Karma, Joanneon standby.

Joanne - Spiritual Readings using Tarot and channelling messages from Spirit.  Taupo's go to Medium.  Available through MESSENGER & PHONE (Customer rings Reader)

Andrea - Psychic Medium from Divine Connections - Connecting you to loved ones and guiding you to your true path in this life.  ZOOM & MESSENGER  Available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by arrangement.

Irene - Psychic Medium from Angel Whispers - Channelling messages through her Nana in Spirit.  Black and white.  WHATS APP

Janet - Spiritual Consultant - Healing of confusion that affects us in our personal health, relationships and business practices.  Getting answers from your Angels to help make decisions.  EMAIL & WHATS APP

Karma - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE  Intuitive Card Readings.  Helping you understand and interpret the messages from Spirit.  MESSENGER & PHONE

Claire Moller - Drawing for Spirit - Spirit Guide Drawings  MESSENGER/ZOOM, WHATS APP.    (Drawings can be collected from The Crystal Point.)