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Noreena Jasper Point Tower


Noreena Jasper is conceived to be a jewel boulder that helps its carrier to dilute the stressful feelings also to the stress. It is recognized and celebrated to reconnect its carrier energies with that of the grounding energies of the earth. The cleansing superiority of this Noreena Jasper helps its carrier to wipe out the negativity from the surrounding aura. Further, being a stone of abundance, it is recognized to help its carrier to retain or regain his abilities to the ground of success. It is too conceived to root out the pessimism from the mind to gain the desired meditative state. The spiritual energies further allow its carrier to augment focus as well as endure the new disciplines of spiritualism to achieve spirituality. Further, it is branded to offer safe shamanic and the astral voyage. On physical views, it is gem boulder that is known to guard its carrier against any physical perils as well as against any psychic attack. Being a token of love, Noreena Jasper is conceived for its consummating power of love, adore. Further, Noreena Jasper is thought to calm down the notion of sexual bellicose and upholds the sexual capability so as to enhance sexual desires. It is believed to ward off the feelings of jealousy in love as well.

9.5cm by 3cm  Photo and size are a guide only.

Disclosure-If you’re worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.