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Nu Me Unity Silver


Nu Me Unity in Silver 

EMF protection pendants have never looked this good. A fully reversible pendant with an energy-sprial and your choice of design on the other.

All the Nu-me Skinny Silver Pendants are finished in silver it is 2.75cm (11/4”) and 0.5 cm deep and comes with a waxed cotton cord with silver fastenings. The drawstring pouch makes it an ideal present that is already wrapped!

To see the designs available you can click on the name on the drop-down menu (Choose an Option) and then see the image associated with it. Alternatively, scroll down and see them side by side.

The energy balancing that the Nu-Me pendants technology provides will keep your chakras, or energy centres, in balance. It also ensures that your energy levels are at optimum, your immune system is strong and supported. The Nu-Me is constantly working to keep you in a state of homeostasis.

The Nu-Me pendant must not be confused with the much-advertised Scalar Pendants, these Scalar Pendants are natural crystal Pendants, usually Shungite which  have no technology –so are passive. This means that these Crystal Scalar Pendant are, like all crystals, reliant on the properties of the crystal only.

Crystals have been used and honoured for thousands of years for their benefits but when we are talking about complete protection in our modern world, we need a little more oomph.

The Nu-Me Pendant has that oomph, or power, with our advanced technology. This technology together with the embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies  make it active.

Active means that the Nu-Me Pendant has a big enough harmonising field to keep your finely tuned bio-energy field protected from all negative energy including EMF, while the Solfeggio healing frequencies act as a continual healing and wellness resource.