One in the field CD Jeffree

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One in the Field by Jeffree.  Hello again, thank you for choosing this album.  The continuing journey of these past seven years has revealed to me yet more of the beauty and wonder contained with this gift of life.  With each morning walk has come a step forward in the revealing of the sounds and music of this album.  One in the Field is an inspiration born of what is present but not instantly perceived.  The Field refers to the space above, below and between us - its energy is LOVE and we have never been without it.  So familiar in its feeling are we in body we are sometimes infifferent to its existence...and yet, if we still ourselves for a moment we feel the vibration of its benevolent embrace,  It is in The Field where my essential being expresses the inpsiration of this music,  I am ever thankful for its possiblity and potential.  Jeffree.

Over an hour of music. Music composed and performed by Jeff Clarkson.  Produced and mastered by Alexia Clarkson.  Cover design and artwork by Eden Electra Clarkson.  Special thanks to Nathan Trainor for percussion work on The Pipes of Peace.