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Opalite Pendulums


Pendulums are used to find the answers of yes and no questions. You ask your higher self so that you get the truth and not what your heart wants. Hold the pendulum in the opposite hand to the one you write with. Ask your higher self to show you a YES, STOP. Show you a NO. It will move differently for different people. Ensure you are not emotionally attached to the question. Ask your higher self for the truth.  Photo is a sample.  Pendulums do vary, but the crystals are all real.

Opalite has historically been thought of as an incredibly lucky stone.  It wards off the evil eye and protects those who travel to faraway lands.  It also blocks bad dreams from your psyche.  Opalite works to focus your mental capacitites and provide motivation and energy. Opalite is man-made. Using a glass resin, dolomite and metal, to create its appearance.

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