Orange Calcite Egyptian Cat

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Orange CALCITE Egyptian Cat 

Appearance: Translucent and waxy.

Colour: Orange.

Properties: Highly energising and cleansing. Removes fear, overcomes depression, dissolves problems, maximises potential. Removes karmic hooks, old abuse memories held in 2nd chakra. Assists in integrating new insights, enhances creativity in everyday life.
Powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. Facilitates higher awareness/metaphysical abilities, emotional intelligence.  Beneficial for study, motivation; strengthens skeleton, joints.

Position: Base, sacral chakra.

Approx size: 8.5 by 4.5 by 3.5cm. 

Photo and size are a guide.


Disclosure-If you're worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.