Sage Advice with Chris

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Sage Advice Zyto Readings with Chris from Hastings.  Assessments and wisdom.  Chris is available by appointment, and attends instore once a month.

Zyto examination / Reading and email pdf file.  Zyto reading and file - 10-15 minutes scientific assessment.  Four body systems are explored and seven lifestyle factors are interpreted.  Brief commentary of findings with chosen file.

Symphony of the cells.  Topical application of therapeutic essential oils for relieving symptoms of diagnosed medical conditions.  Allowing for immune support, cleansing toxic load, aiding healthy digestion and greater balance within the body.  Oils are beneficial for systemic support of the body.

Maramataka.  Clues for living in harmony with the universe by working with the natural flow of the phases of the moon.

Releasing that which no longer serves you.  A simple oil application to assist the releasing of self limiting beliefs.

Core Health Systems.  Gastrointestinal system - Gut health impacts on brain function, hormone balance and immune regulation.  Detoxification system - Core functional system prevents toxic build up.  Hormonal Endocrine system - Drives bodies systems and regulates physiological processes.  Immune system - First line of bodies defenses.

Have a test run to check:

Diet & Nutrition - Maintaing glycemic control - Hormone and Diet balance

Hydration - Water is life, quality is paramont

Inflamation - Aids healing, chronic inflammation can cause damage to the body

Mental/Emotional Stress - Limbic responses, control homeostasis, channel your emotions

Sleep - Ample rest is critical, Optimum health and longevity is dependent on sleep

Toxic Stress - Radiation, bacteria, fungi/molds, glyphosphate, food additives and sweeteners, often stored in fatty tissues

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