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Soak or Smoke NZ Herb Blend


Soak or Smoke Herb Blend from Mountain Road Estate NZ

Soak or Smoke Herb Blend from Mountain Road Estate NZ We have put together four of our favorite dried herbs to bring you this beautiful soak it or smoke it blend. No talks only the best part of the Plat to give you a soft soak and a smooth burn, this blend will give you an uplifted mood and support your respiratory system. A great way to end a day, or to be social with friends. This blend consists of Mullein, lions tail, lavender and white sage. Mullein is a powerful plant medicine offering many benefits to the lungs, eases tension and soothes coughing. Lion’s tail is known to as a tea reduce upper lung infection and fever. White sage is known as a great cleanser, clearing the mind and stomach of stagnate energy. Lavender is known to support the nervous system. This blend has been created for ritual and wellbeing.  Smoking should not be participated in by anyone under 18

Approx 10 grams