Sodalite Multi S/S Pendant

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Sodalite Sterling Silver Pendant with a Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst. Approx size 6cm by 4cm. SODALITE Appearance: Mottled dark and light blue-white. Properties: Unites logic and intuition, eliminates mental confusion. Encourages objectivity, truth, rational thought, intuitive perception, verbalisation of feelings. Calms mind, allows new information to be received. Brings about emotional balance. Releases fears, phobias, guilt. Aids group work. Balances metabolism. Cleanses lymphatic system, boosts immune system. Combats radiation and insomnia. Rainbow MOONSTONE Appearance: Milky, translucent, with a rainbow inside. Properties: For dream recall, perception and wellbeing. Alertness and balancing female hormonal cycles. Aids to see the unseen, to read symbols & synchronicities intuitively, to open to spiritual gifts. AMETHYST Appearance: Transparent, pointed quartz crystal. Colour: pale purple Properties: Calms mind, enhances meditation, visualization. Disperses psychic attack. Enhances psychic abilities, spiritual awareness. Aids in assimilation of ideas. Promotes selflessness. Supports sobriety, boosts hormones. Unites scattered energies. Treats tension headaches, migraines, insomnia. Aids endocrine glands, hearing. Disclosure-If you're worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.