Spiritual Protection for Beginners

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How do I teach my Children about Spiritual Protection?

This pack covers the basics of Spirituality for beginners.  If we don’t know how to protect ourselves, how do we teach our children?

Contents:  2 Amethyst crystals, 2 Black tourmaline crystals and some bubbles.

Our moods can change as we absorb different energies from the people around us.  Children are no different.  They will absorb the energies too.  Negative energy is also attracted to light or positive people.  Sensitive people are like a sponge.

Often it starts with sleepless nights or feeling drained after being around certain people.  Or it can appear that one has mood swings.  Ask Spirit, Is this energy mind?

Here are some basics to try:

1        As you step outside your door, visualise you are stepping inside a bubble.  See yourself inside the bubble, around your body, under your feet and over your head.  You are safe.

2        When you get home, unzip your bubble, and walk into your home.  Leaving any rubbish energy from others outside. 

3        Ask visitors to remove their shoes.  This helps leave unwanted energies outside too.

4        We all have Spirit Guides, call upon them when you feel the need.  Children often feel or see Dragons.  Ask the Dragon (or Fairy) to wrap their wings around you for protection.

5        When travelling in the car, if you feel unsafe, again call upon your Spirit Guides or call upon Archangel Michael to keep you safe and visualize a bubble around you and your family and the car.  See your way clear and safely arriving at your designation.

6        If you have trouble sleeping, place an amethyst crystal at the head and foot of your bed or your child’s bed, and place a black tourmaline either side of the body.

7        When you have a shower or bath, see the water as a cleanser, running any negative energy off your body and down the drain.  You can also try washing with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and Himalayan or Epsom salt.  This helps remove bad energy and leaves your skin silky soft.

8        When you have worries, hold out your hands and gift your worries to the Angels and ask them to take your worries away.


Remember, If you are worried about your health, always see your Doctor first.