Star Garnet Sphere

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The red color of Star Garnet symbolizes heart and blood. From ancient times, it has been valued for its power to increase vital energy. Star Garnet is often used to increase health luck. There are some descriptions that say Garnet was used for treatment.
Garnet - Stabilising stone. Gives vitality and charisma. Promotes an excellent quality of life. Protects crown and base chakra, linking wisdom with groundedness. Powerful energiser that protects, inspires love, removes inhibitions. Self confidence. Useful in a crisis, fortifies survival instinct. Dissolves ingrained behaviours and outworn ideas. Past life recall. Said to be beneficial for regeneration of body/DNA, blood diseases.

Diameter 4.5cm  Size and photo are a guide.  Stands sold separately.

Disclosure - If you are worried about your health, always see your Doctor first.  Crystals may help enchance your life.