The Real Witches Garden Book

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A guide to the outdoor world and nature-based spirituality for real witches everywhere. Kate West explains how to set up your own sacred space in the garden and how to grow herbs for use in spells and remedies. The Real Witches' Garden is a practical guide to witchcraft in the garden -- whether you have 20 acres or a window box!Contents:; Nature based spirituality -- Witchcraft by another name.; How the garden fits into your life and your Craft.; The garden as a sacred space for working ritual.; The elemental garden -- earth, air, fire, water and spirit.; The garden as a medicine store -- herbs and herbal remedies.; The smallest of gardens -- window boxes, pots and containers.; Plant associations -- a list of plants relating to various aspects of the Craft.; Planting and tending by the natural cycles -- the lunar calendar and the wheel of the year.