The Hathor Material Tom Kenyon

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We are the Hathors. We are masters of sound and love from an ascended intergalactic civilization. As we once assisted in Egypt and other ancient cultures, we have returned to assist in humanity's current potential evolution. We come in love, with the sounding of a new dream reality for your Earth.

You are poised at a momentous time in the history of consciousness on this planet. something is occuring that has never occurred before, and it is a joy for us to participate with you once again and to enter into your conscious awareness.

If you are ready to build the new world, we inviite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart.

One CD included

CD One is a riveting collection of live-recordings from various Hathor Intensives. Hear Tom's four-octave range voice as he channels the catalytc and transformational sounds of the Hathors.

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