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White sage smudge stick 5 Inch


We have run out of stock for this item.

White Sage smudge stick 5 inch  For cleansing your home or place of work. Smudging with sage smoke is an age old ritual which uses the sacred energy of the sage herb to rid us of negative energies.

Bulk loose ea - California White Sage & Big Sagebrush Bundles 5 inch Smudge.  Can also fit into the smudging bowls.

Approx. 5 inches in length and 1½ inches in diameter. Blended California White Sage and Big Sagebrush smudge bundles add variety to your smudging and incense practices. When burned, both sages are believed to ward off bad spirits, feelings, and energies. Both the California White Sage and Big Sagebrush is wildcrafted in California. Sizes may vary.