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Ever had days when your energy feels so low?

Ever had days when your energy feels so low?

There are days when my energy feels so low and it often does my head in.  Then other days I feel on top of the world.  So then I think its time.  Time I took a cuppa, pen and paper and a cup of Epsom salt with me to the bathroom...

There is nothing better than downloading while you soak.  Trust me, it took some time convincing myself that I had time to do so.  If you don't have a bath, soak your feet in a tub.

I always feel more earthed/grounded and focused after I have taken some time for me.  They say it gives us connotations of being in the womb.

My favourite place to go when I need to destress or unwind is back into my mind to my Grandfathers place.  Where I use to lay down in-between the wild flowers and watch the clouds go by.

I know I am out of wack when I do more of the things I shouldn't.  For example the thoughts in my head take over or I make extra cups of coffee.  For some, it may mean taking up old habits like smoking.  A sign of not coping.

There are also times when we my feel for friends or family that are going through difficult times and then we realize that we have emptied our own cup and need to recharge.  Other ways I recharge is cleansing my energy, lighting some sage or a candle or having an absent healing.

Take care of yourself first and leave some in your cup for you. 


Love and light, Michelle

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