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Welcome. We are a family run business. Our Crystals are from reputable suppliers.



Each lamp comes with a lead to plug into a power source and a low watt heat bulb. These salt lamps attract the moisture improving, drying and naturally ionizing the air. Research states salt lamps produce negatively charged ions which water molecules in the air attract to and evaporate warming the surface.

If you have experienced the fresh air at a waterfall or mountain top then you have experienced the results of negative ions. The air smells fresher and is much easier to breathe. Our soft glowing salt lamps make ideal night lights and are great for activities such as reading where a low light is preferred. You may also find that your furry friends like to lick them.

All our lamps are uniquely handcrafted in a range of colours, styles, sizes, and shapes with no two lamps being exactly the same. Salt lamps will last indefinitely as long as they are not exposed to excessive moisture, and work best when left on 24/7.

If you turn your salt lamp off for long periods of time, please remove the cord and wrap the lamp in a plastic bag. Safety instructions are included in the box with every salt lamp purchased

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