About Us

Our Vision
To provide our customers with advice and guidance that they can trust. To bring the enjoyment of crystals and products into your life, to enlighten your world.

Our Mission
To be customer focused and committed to delivering quality products and services to enhance your life. We will achieve this by dealing with like-minded suppliers where only the best will do. Creating a safe and friendly environment, where you can shop online or instore.

Our Core Values
Through professionalism and loyalty, we provide quality services and products. We are focused on integrity, honesty and treating everyone fairly. To build a strong customer base, promote repeat business and a good reputation.

Our Organisational Culture
We are professional and work together as a team to keep our standards high. We support each other through regular contact and encouragement. We run weekly team meetings. The information is gathered and from here we look at our processes, where we are going to revise our goals. Also recognising those who have improved and reward outstanding service. We believe in listening to our people and promoting ongoing feedback and commitment. We implement proven methods and add our unique touch to suit the business needs.  Adapt to change, so that the business will continue to grow. To bring you special people with special gifts. To have only good quality products and services which you can trust and rely on. Delivering our products and services when we say we will. To promise and deliver. Communication is imperative. 

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