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Aroma Large Salt Lamp


Himalayan Salt Lamps give off negative ions that reduce indoor air pollution, enhance mood and promote restful sleep  This lamp is ideal for using with soy melts and essential oils.
Each lamp is unique in colour and appearance and weighs between 1.5 -2 kg. Each lamp also includes a lamp fitting with a cord and a 15w light bulb.
PLEASE NOTE: Salt lamps are hygroscopic-they absorb moisture from the air. It is important that your lamp stays on as much as possible so that it is warmed by the heat from the bulb. If you do not leave your lamps on for long periods of time (we recommend 24/7) your lamps can begin to sweat and cry salt. If you do decide to swtich your lamp off, be sure to remove the lamp cord and bulb from inside the lamp to avoid moisture damage.