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Tumbled Pendants S/S


Assorted tumbled pendants with Sterling Silver Clasp

Atlantistite - Stimulates Spiritual Development

Apatite - Increases motivation

Aquamarine - Stone of courage.  Reduces fear and brings tolerance

Milky Quartz - Revitalizing and balancing (Gentlier than clear quartz)

Blue Lace Agate - Calms, cools and lifts your vibration

Orange Calcite - Disolves problems to maximise potential

Lepidolite - Stimulates intellect and induces change 

Kunzite -  Aids self expression and creativity

Rhodonite - Clears, stimulates and activates the Heart Chakra

Emerald - Inspiration, truth and inner knowing

Rutile Quartz - Cleanses and energises the aura

Tigers eye - For Balance and Courage

Lapis Lazuli - Truth, Intuition, Creativity and Memory

Blue Goldstone - Stimulates self healing and self empowerment

Chevron Amethyst - Calming and the stone of passion

Rose Quartz - Confidence, forgiveness and unconditional love

Fluorite - Grounds and integrates spiritual energies

Black obsidian - Protection and Positivity

Blue Howlite -  Aids dream recall and insight

Clear Quartz - Clarity and focus, Master Healing stone

Green aventurine - Stone of opportunity

Citrine - Happiness, Confidense and Abundance

Smoky Quartz - Serenity, Clarity and Positive vibes

All come with a sterling silver clasp except for the Milky Quartz pendant.

All pendants come on a black cord.  Chains can be purchased separately.

Approx size:  2.5cm by 1.5cm      Photo and size are a guide

Disclosure-If you’re worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.

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