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Chakra Angel Earrings

$1000 $2400

Locally made Chakra Angel Earrings by Helen of Elysian Designz. 

Crown Chakra - Sahasrara Purple - Consciousness, Undertanding, Enlightenment

Third eye Chakra - Ajna Ingido - Clairvoyance, Intuition, Psychic senses

Throat Chakra - Visuddha Blue - Communication, Creativity, Healing

Heart Chakra - Anahata Green - Love, Hope, Compassion

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura Yellow - Energy, Vitality, Desire and Power

Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana Orange - Emotions, Sexuality, Intimacy

Root Chakra - Muladhara Red - Survival Instinct, Security, Grounding


Photo is a guide.