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Chart Body Language


Learn how to identify body gestures, posture and their meanings the easy way with the Body Language Mini Chart.Body Language is the process of communicating nonverbally through conscious and unconscious gestures, postures and movements that reveal our true thoughts and feelings. Body Language is a fascinating and useful topic for your daily interactions with others. This handy Mini Chart introduces body language and their revealing potential.This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 7 Essential areas:1. Examines over 49 body language styles featuring common facial expressions, gestures, movements and postures with illustrations 2. Details and analyses how to identify these body language identifiers 3. Sets out the 5 personal space zones with illustration 4. Outlines the 5 common facial expressions with illustrations 5. Explains the 3 styles of handshakes with illustrations 6. Features the female courting signals according to Pease and Morris 7. And more . . .A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Body Language.Printed and protection coated on both sides. Size: 16cm x 23.5cm