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Crystal Water Bottle Plus

$17900 $19900

Crystal Water Bottle PLUS:

7cm dia. x 25.5 cm

High Borosilicate glass (tough)

Neoprene Carry Sleeve.

Separate Crystal Chamber.

Natty/Snappy Insert to Super-Charge the Water.

Amethyst Crystals (add any of your own crystals).

This is no ordinary Crystal Water Bottle. It has our unique technology embedded with Scalar Waves in the Solfeggio frequencies which makes it the most powerful water crystal infuser and energizer you can buy – that is why it is PLUS.
Crystal water bottles are designed to put the subtle crystal  healing frequencies into your drinking water. They are great but we knew we could do better, so we did!
It has all the features of a regular, off the shelf, buy anywhere Crystal water bottle – but……….
The Water Bottle PLUS also has our amazing technology built in which will:
  • Energize the water 100% PLUS more than a regular water energizer.
  • Put the Solfeggio frequencies into the water homeopathically to promote healing physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.
  • Energetically clean the water
  • Make the water taste better – sweeter, fresher, and cleaner than any other energizer –  as if it is directly from an artesian well
  • Energetically infuse the properties of a crystal* throughout the water in a more thorough and efficient way by 500%. PLUS.
  • Make the water easier for the body to assimilate with  huge health benefits.
  • Rehydrates the body more efficiently than water from regular Crystal Water bottles.
  • Clear any EMF and unbalanced energy from the water.
  • Keep any crystals used in the bottle energetically clean. No need to ever take them out!
  • Optimal charge time only 30 mins.
Amethyst Crystal embedded with Scalar Waves included.
The Amethyst crystal included with the Crystal Water bottles PLUS is also embedded with Scalar Waves in the Solfeggio healing Frequencies. These will infuse the water not only with the properties of the Amethyst but with the Solfeggio Frequencies as well.
Healing at its most powerful.
*The Crystal bottle PLUS has the ability to have a crystal of your choice placed alongside the Energizing/cleansing technology in the separate compartment at the base of the bottle.