The enchantment begins as soon as you open your magic box

Each magical box contains:

1x Enchantment scroll
1x Reiki and Seichem attuned crystal
1x New Moon candle
1x Charm

Crystals and charms may vary from the photos.

Enchantment instructions:

In detail, write on the back of the scroll what you desire. For example, Be specific with why, how, and when you would like to be financially secure.

Light the New Moon candle and say your enchantment three times, whilst holding onto your charm and crystal. Burn the scroll, using the flame of the New Moon candle. Collect the ashes, and bury them with the charm, under some tree roots.

Keep your crystal close to you, in a place where you’ll see or touch it constantly. Visualize what you would like to happen. This helps to connect you to energies created with the enchantment. You can use the enchantments whenever you wish to, morning or night.


Angel – This hand-crafted enchantment helps you draw closer to your ever-present Angels, calling in their loving energy for your healing and protection.

Come to me Lover – This enchantment box is the perfect way to entice a lover who is going to be a keeper.

Fertility – An enchantment box that comes to you with heartfelt wishes of fertility – creating a new life, bringing a special new soul into the world that fills your life and those around you with love.

Healing – Spend time on the wellbeing of your mind, emotions, physical and spiritual health with an enchantment box, especially crafted for you.

Heal an unhappy Heart – I’ve created an enchantment box to guide you away from grief and slowly begin that journey to joy and happiness.  You deserve this.

Love – This enchantment box will let love into your life, radiate with joy and happiness – you deserve it.

Money – I have created this enchantment box so you can feel the freedom of being financially secure.

Protection – This enchantment box will help let you know that you are protected, let the stress of negativity flow away, to create a safe environment.

Stressless – Dreaming of tranquility?  It’s time to let go of your stresses with this delightful enchantment box.

Success – Find that new job, keep that happy environment you love so much with this beautiful enchantment to have the success you want in your life.

Wishes – Breathing in and wishing upon a shooting star…. We’ve got something even better, a beautiful enchantment box to use to make your dreams and wishes come true.

House blessing – I have created this enchantment box so you can continue to protect the haven you have so carefully created.

(Contains Charcoal disc, organic white sage, charm crystal and scroll)

Bring the enchantment back into your life.

Inside these magical little boxes, you will find your enchantment scroll that will bring it’s magic, with a crystal, charm and a new moon candle.