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Epsom Salt Gin and Tonic 750g


Juniper Berry and Lime Blossom, our Gin n Tonic with benefits.

Juniper and Lime are our detoxification tools.  Yes, Gin n Tonic is good for us! Juniper berry is a diuretic and antiseptic herbal.  A woody smelling berry ideal for acne and an appetite stimulant, hence it’s use in gin as an aperitif. It is mentally, emotionally  and physically cleansing.  Lime blossom is our rejuvenator after a long day.  The nectar of kings, a soothing sedative, reducing anxiety and stress. Soak in a warm bath with a Gin n Tonic.  What better way to end the day.

Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt - Food grade and chemically pure European. Natural Epson Salt.  Slip into Serenity with Organic Juniper and Citrus. Sprinkle into a warm bath. In compostable packaging.

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