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Glycerine Soaps with Herbs and Oils


Glycerine Soaps with Herbs and Essential Oils

Eucalyptus - Great for respiratory issues, good for skin and more

Chamomile - An antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.  Gentle for babies and sensitive skin.

Exfoliating - use to slough off dead, dry and flaking skin.  makes skin smoother.

Lavender - Relaxing, soothing, healing and stress relieving.

Tea Tree - Antifungal, great for infected skin and rashes

Green Tea & Lemon - Cleansing antioxidant and antibacterial.  Good for cuts and boils.

Orange - Use for dull complexions, irritated or acne type skins.

Lemongrass - Stimulates circulation, toning skin tissue, helps cellulite.

Other soaps available include:  Lime, himalayan salt, ginger snaps, oat bran, sandalwood & honey, patchouli, rose garden, rose geranium, ylang ylang, paua chip kiwiana, gardenia, lily of the valley, musk, drakkar, oat straw & vanilla, coffee & cinnamon, crushed hibiscus flowers & rose geranium, jasmine, gold silk petal with chanel no5 fragrance.  Can also be made to order to suit your requirements.

Made in New Zealand