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Guide Juicing


JUICING is the process of extracting juice from fruit or vegetables. Juicing has become a popular way of supplying excellent nutrition to the body. For some people it is a convenient way of consuming fruit and vegetables. For others it helps with weight management. Juicing assists with absorbing all the nutrients from fruit and vegetables and allows consumption of larger amounts of nutrients than one would get from cooked equivalents. It is also possible to blend a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. Studies indicate that juicing can help with weight loss, boosts the immune system and increases energy levels. Another study indicates that juicing may support brain health and act as an anti-ageing agent. This guide provides 27 recipes for a wide spectrum of delicious and healthy juices.Each Guide consists of eight A4 pages that fold into each other. The Guides are quality printed in full colour and protection coated on both sides. The material is a sturdy board.