Hexagram Pendants Assorted

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Hexagram Pendants.  Available in Brass or Sterling silver.  Brass is very alkalizing as it is a mix of copper and zincSize approx 3.75cm diameter.  Chains sold separately.  Photo is a sample.

Hexagram - Found in many cultures across the world.  Consists of 2 interlocking triangles (or pyramids) representing masculine and feminine energy in harmony.  Sky and Earth.  As above, so below.  Reminding us of our place in the world between Earth and the Comos.

OM - Sound or vibration of the Universe.  The Union of mind, body, soul and spirit.

Flower - Given as a symbol of love and appreciation.

Sacred Geometry Jewellery made in India.  Each piece has been handcrafted in a small family run business in India. By purchasing a piece not only will it enhance your own spiritual growth, it will help support a family.