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How to Meditate with Crystals Book


How to Meditate with Crystals Book

Whether you want to lower your stress levels, achieve a state of euphoric bliss, or change your frequency so you can better cope with the challenges that come your way, Jolie DeMarco's crystal meditations are effective tools to take you to where you want to be.

How to Meditate with Crystals includes in-depth descriptions of thirty-three powerful meditations and thirty-three individual crystals. For each meditation, Jolie describes the purpose, the best crystals to use for that purpose, and specific tips for setting your intention, opening the meditation, closing the meditation, and expressing gratitude. For each crystal, you will find that crystal's origin and its best meditation purpose, as well as its influence on the chakras, the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit.

No matter what your intention or your personal meditation style, you will find helpful guidance among the several different kinds of meditation that are explored, including chakra and color meditations, meditations for manifesting love and other positive experiences, meditations to connect with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed over, guided meditations, active body movement meditations, and many more.

Whether you're just beginning a meditation practice or have been meditating for many years, the information in this book will support your journey toward a more balanced, fulfilled, and spiritually connected version of yourself. Includes a color insert for crystal identification.