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Ink Illustrations Artist Bonnie

$4500 $9000

Assorted Art work from Local Artist Bonnie Sarsfield

Ink illustration "Take off" 

Often in life we weigh ourselves down, believing we will always be too bound to really soar. "Take off" is a visual representation of recognizing inner potential and embracing all of our abilities.

"Take off" is an A4 original, hand drawn piece, which is part of a larger series by upcoming artist Bonnie Sarsfield  

Ink illustration "Raven" 

The Raven  is a symbol of transformation, destiny and intelligence. Ravens are often associated with death however, I see the raven as a protector of secrets and a implementer of change.

"Raven" is an original A4, hand drawn piece, part of a larger series by upcoming artist Bonnie Sarsfield 

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