Jasper Infused Crystal Bottle with Holder

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Glass Crystal Drink bottle with material cover holder

Charge your water with crystals using the indirect method.  This means you can literally place any crystals that will fit into the removable dome. Holds 500mls water.

Bottle measurements are approx 65mm x 65mm x 250mm.  With The Crystal Point Logo on the glass. Approx 1/4 c crystals.  100 grams.

Crystal Water Bottles filled with chips. These bottles are made of glass. This design has a removable insert allowing you to fill with any chips of your choice.  Charging water with crystals has  been used for many years, and goes back to Ancient Egyptian times.

RED JASPER Crystals - Assertiveness and nurturing

Appearance: Opaque, patterned, veined. Often water-worn, tumbled.

Properties: Provides gentle stimulation, grounding energy, rectifying unjust situations.  Returns negativity to its source. Beneficial for spiritual blockages.
Supreme nurturer. Brings tranquillity, wholeness, protection. Facilitates dowsing. Promotes assertiveness, quick thinking, organisational abilities, seeing projects through.

Disclosure-If youre worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.